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Friday evening, November 30 

Blessing The Candles
How Do You Spell Chanukah!?
Where Does The First Candle Go?
The Ancient Temple
Menorah vs. Chanukiah
Jewish Superheroes
The Miracle Of The Oil
Spin The Dreidel!
The Gift Of A Free Donut!
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Jewish Superheroes

More than 2,000 years ago, in addition to taking the Jewish Temple, the Greeks made it illegal for Jews to practice their religion. During Chanukah, we celebrate the Maccabees, the Jewish heroes who stood up to the Greeks, got the Temple back and saved Judaism. Click the link below to listen to a song that reminds us that we have to follow in the Maccabees' footsteps and keep the light of Judaism burning bright. Happy fourth night of Chanukah!

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